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"What must I do to be at peace, so that I can live presently, and die gracefully?"

An In-Person Workshop
Rachel Gaunt


This essential question seems to resonate with everyone, no matter what age or stage they are at.


However, it has special resonance for those of us in our later years.


Each person will naturally have their own personal response to the question. That is to be expected. 


But often the themes are universal.

For example: 

- What does it mean to be at peace with myself?


- What do I still long to do, or say, or be?


- What relationships in my life are full, complete and up to date?

Are there any that feel like they need attention and healing?


- What things are still unsaid or undone? 

Presented in three parts, (a half day, an evening and whole day, and a half day) this workshop opens a space for people to identify something important that they want to attend to. 


The workshop requires that all sessions be attended.  The class maximum is 12.

March 6  —  10am - 1pm

April 16  —  4 - 9pm

April 17 — 9am - 4pm

May 15 — 10am -1pm

Presenter Bio Experienced coach and facilitator, Rachel Gaunt, CPCC, will lead the retreat, and support each person in their process. Using a mix of sharing in small groups, journalling, guided visualization, play, and creativity, the workshop will take people on a journey deep down into their own truth, and re-emerge to find the courage and clarity to move forward.


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