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Were not our hearts burning within us . . . ?

Luke 24:32

Join us for a


Appreciative Inquiry Summit

FALL 2024

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Ross, CA

For the past seven years St. Columba’s has grown and blossomed into a thriving church and retreat house. Our reach extends well beyond our local doors to include those in neighboring communities as well as nationally, and even internationally. Many of you have found a place of belonging with St. Columba’s whether that be in-person or online. We are flourishing! 


Given the growth of the community, St. Columba’s is at a threshold moment in our collective life together. Our response is to bring the community together to engage in a series of generative conversations and activities using an Appreciative Inquiry Summit process. The goal of the Summit is to renew our vision as a contemplative and spiritually intimate community. To explore what it means to be a community where the heart of who we are and what we do is rooted in contemplative life and spiritual intimacy. The Summit process is interactive and dynamic; designed to bring to life all the voices in the community in service of creating a new and vibrant future. A diversity of voices and perspectives is welcomed and needed. 


Summit Theme: 

At the Summit we will explore ‘what gives life’ to our community; strengthen connections and relationships with one another; and begin to imagine a new and vibrant future for St. Columba’s. Join us as we engage in a series of generative conversations and activities focused on:

Being a Contemplative Community Where We Are Transformed

Evermore-so into the Body of Christ!

  • Fostering relationships where we see who we are and become who we see

  • Nurturing contemplative seeds within one another

  • Celebrating Christ’s presence in Word, Sacrament, and all of Creation

  • Providing open doors for all who seek contemplative, respite, solace, belonging, and love



Artwork: Vulnerability by Lorraine Almeida (used with permission).

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