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Winter Forest

Spring Meadow

Self-Paced Recorded Workshop Tai Ji Series
with Mathew Francis

This series of four sessions explores Christian Contemplative Practice in context of classic Tai Ji postures and movements. Participants will find familiarity and comfort in these Unity Praxis Tai Ji methods. Experience the ecology of earth's cycles in the greater cosmos. Sense Body Mind Spirit in Unity with The One, Christ, Creation.

Stand Like A Tree In Winter
Settle in Contemplative Repose
Refresh and Renew In Spring
Rebirth in Unity With The One

Presenter Bio Mathew Francis is the founder of Unity Praxis bringing synergies of 40 years dedicated to Christian Discipleship and Tai Ji practice. Mathew guides people to deeper experience of life through faith, practice, and business. He shares learnings from his personal spiritual journey balancing work, life and family through wisdom of Eastern and Western traditions. Mathew is currently President of Pacific Rim Advisory Group, a Business Strategy & Development and Family Succession firm. Mathew lives in the Central Valley of California, married to his lovely bride Elizabeth, and finds his identity as a husband, father, grandfather, friend, and wayfarer on the Path.

Mathew Francis
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