Transformative Lent Series

Experience and Explore the Lord’s Prayer

Practice and experimentation during the Lent season to explore different techniques that expand our faith walk

Ash Wednesday, February 17th

to Sunday, April 4th

Virtual Sessions

Join in as you can

7:10 – 7:50 AM PDT

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays


8:15 – 9:15 AM PDT



Practicing a simple set of Tai Ji movements designed as a physical expression of transformation and cleansing. Movement connects the Body to intentionality and mindfulness of the season.


Click on this link to YouTube for a Demonstration of the movements:


These movements are elements of “The Unity Practice” and were developed long ago. They produce a synchronicity with the flow of nature. Tai Ji is a contemplative experience. Unity is an integration of Christian contemplative disciplines with Tai Ji movements and philosophy.


Exploration of The Lord’s Prayer as a practice of breath prayer, visualization, contemplation, and mindfulness. Meditation connects the Mind, cognition, thought process of life.



Exploring simplicity in reciting, contemplating meaning, and searching for deeper understanding of your faith walk by examining traditional English and Aramaic transliterations of The Lord’s Prayer.


Prayer connects Spirit

Suggested Donation $25/week

Facilitated by Mathew Francis, Unity Practice Founder Mathew has found synergies of Christian Discipleship and Tai Ji practice over 40 years of dedication to the Christian faith walk. His life work is to bring simplicity to the complex by leading people to deeper experience of life through faith, business, family, and practice. He is currently a Business Strategy and Family Succession Advisor and President of Pacific Rim Advisory Group.  

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