Embodying the Lord’s Prayer as Lenten Practice


Tuesday, March 1 - Ash Wednesday, March 2

Participants are invited to begin their Lenten practice with an introduction to the “Lord’s Prayer” through a movement routine developed as an embodied “expression of the Lord’s Prayer” called “The Unity Form”.  This form uses basic Tai Ji postures combined in a “form” or series of movements that connect Body-Mind-Spirit with the words of the Lord’s Prayer. This manner of praying in the body has the capacity to deepen the intention of the words of the Prayer, thus making the Lord’s Prayer and Unity Form a rich expression of contemplative movement. This practice becomes an invitation to invite the Holy Spirit to “live, and move, and breathe” in us day-to-day. Throughout the Season of Lent, participants will explore the fundamentals of Centering Prayer, interweaving the movement of Unity and the stillness of Centering Prayer in a single contemplative practice.

The Retreat is divided into four distinct Sessions:

Session One:  March 1st, Tuesday Afternoon 3:00 - 5:30 PM PST

Introduction to basic principles and practices of Movement Meditation Prayer as a new way of exploring and expressing prayer, using the Lord's Prayer as a foundation on which to build.  This retreat will also serve as an introduction to Centering Prayer as an invitation to consent to the presence and action of God in the silence and stillness of our Being.

Session Two:  March 2nd, Ash Wednesday Morning 7:00 - 9:30 AM PST

Continues the introduction of both Centering Prayer and Moving Prayer. By the end of this session participants will be able to perform the full "Unity Form/Lord's Prayer Form" connecting the body movements with the words and intentions of the prayer.

Session Three:  Ash Wednesday Late Morning 10:30 - 12:00 Noon PST

This session is positioned to allow participants opportunities for repetition, practice, play and group exploration of the Unity Form as a Movement, Meditation, Prayer practice.  A Third Centering Prayer teaching and sit will be part of this session intending to begin building experience of the connection, similarities and differences of Unity Praxis and Centering Prayer.

At 12:30 PM Participants are invited to attend either an online Ash Service or in-person eucharistic liturgy with distribution of ashes at St. Columba’s. Both will conclude in time for  participants to join Session Four of our

Tai Ji retreat.


Session Four:  Ash Wednesday Early Afternoon 2:00 - 4:00 PM PST

Playful probe of the Unity Form accented by deeper practice and study of body-mindfulness and body prayer.

This session will be comfortable and free flowing exploration of the flow and transitions of a form.  We will also offer a fourth Centering Prayer teaching and sit.


Mathew Francis Unity Praxis Founder has discovered synergies of Christian Discipleship and Tai Ji practice over 40 years of dedication to the Christian faith walk. His life work is to bring simplicity to the complex by leading people to deeper experience of life through faith, business, family, and practice.  He is currently a Business Strategy and Family Succession Advisor and President of Pacific Rim Advisory Group.

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Christine Kesans  Mother of two grown sons, and a retired nurse. A member of Contemplative Outreach and a practitioner of Centering Prayer since 2007.  Christine serves as Coordinator of her local Chapter of Greater Vancouver. And, for the past 7 years, takes pleasure in facilitating a Centering Prayer Support Group in her community of Coquitlam. As a Commissioned Presenter of the Introduction to Centering Prayer Program Christine gets the joy of meeting and supporting new people as they connect to God and the larger community.

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Cynthia A.S. McKinley  Mentor, Chaplain, Practitioner, is a seeker of Wisdom guided by the teachings of the Mystics and Saints and embraced through multiple contemplative practices that deepen her relationship with the Divine.  Cynthia shares spiritual insights by serving as a faith formation mentor, pastoral care chaplain, and prayer practices facilitator. She has degrees in mathematics, philosophy, international relations, and aerospace art and science. Cynthia is a Yoga and Tai Ji practitioner and cyclist.