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Slow Religion

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The Gospel According to Matthew

Slow Religion, The Gospel According to Matthew is a lay person-led, adult education weekly series for Christians and seekers. The class uses a slow and careful reading of the Gospel, considers a range of commentaries, tries to understand the cultural, historical, and religious contexts and discusses how to apply them today.
Each week’s attendees are provided an outline, overview and background readings for a chapter or section of a chapter. Reading the outline is sufficient, reading more provides a deeper context for the class.
Matthew’s gospel is worth studying because the author attempts to uphold Jesus’ Jewish past, with Jesus ministry, death, and resurrection. Matthew reflects the 1st Century CE Jesus movement and early church existing in hostile Hellenistic and Jewish worlds.
21st Century readers recognize Matthew as the source of many of the best-known stories and sayings of Jesus as well as a social philosophy that many non-Christians believe in. Famous for its Sermon on the Mount, The Beatitudes, and other teachings, Matthew is often called the most Jewish of the Gospels, while also contributing to antisemitism.
The class is created and led by Joe Jennings and advisors include: the Rev. Zoila Schoenbrun and the Rev. Robert Gieselmann, St. Stephens Episcopal Church, Belvedere, CA; the Rev. Br. Richard Edward Helmer, Episcopal Church of our Saviour, Mill Valley, CA; and Eugene E. Lemcio, PhD, Emeritus Professor of New Testament, Seattle Pacific University and the Rev. Heather Wenrick, the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Seattle.
The class is offered weekly on Zoom, starting Tuesday, September 20 and Wednesday, September 21 from 4-5pm PDT.  If you are interested in gaining a better understanding of Jesus’ teachings, actions and how to apply them today, please join us. 

Tuesday, September 20 at 4pm PDT
Meeting ID: 872 7967 9681
Passcode: 205058
Hosted by Church of the Ascension/Seattle


Wednesday, September 21 at 4pm PDT
Meeting ID: 826 6617 4503
Passcode: 211877
Hosted by Church of our Saviour/Mill Valley, and St. Stephens Church/Belvedere

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