The Enneagram & Spirit:

      Exploring Personality Through Inquiry and Awareness

Sunday, September 23

1:00 - 5:00 pm

Cost: $75

Have you ever wondered what it is that keeps you from feeling closer to inner presence, to the mystery of this life, to the precious reality of the each moment? Perhaps you are a perfectionist, always trying to improve yourself and the world, but landing often in frustration and resentment. Perhaps you defer to others in favor of keeping the peace and avoiding conflict, and then wonder why you have a lack of energy and focus. Or maybe you have spent most of your life filling the needs of others, while putting your own desires on the back burner? Some of us are pleasure oriented, always looking for the next fun option and fearing being limited by the mundane circumstances of life that may cause us pain.

The Enneagram is a psycho/spiritual system of personality typing which speaks to our internal habit of attention that may keep us from being truly present. The Enneagram describes nine points of view on the world, each having gifts and challenges and each distorting reality as it is. When used in conjunction with a daily practice, like meditation or prayer or service, this system can offer insights on our spiritual path.  Awareness of our habits is the first step to relaxing the habit and experiencing more internal peace.

While we all may do similar activities in the outside world, what is happening inside may be quite different. An exploration of our own and other's habits may provide increased compassion and more connection in our intimate relationships. The journey of the spirit is compelling to many of us… and confusing at times. The Enneagram illuminates many unexplored pathways on this journey and offers an increased sense of community by deepening our understanding of self and other.

Please join us for an afternoon Enneagram workshop where we will delve into all nine Types. Discover your own dominant habit of attention. Expand your possibilities for listening, acceptance, and spiritual understanding. We will take the journey through each Type, exploring the gifts and challenges of that territory and experiencing in our bodies, hearts and minds what it is that hinders our fuller connection to our essence.

Polly Cherner has been immersed in the study of the Enneagram for the last fifteen years. She certified in 2005 with the Enneagram Professional Training Program, founded by Helen Palmer and Dr. David Daniels. She currently leads Enneagram Panel Evenings once a month, conducts beginning classes and study groups throughout the year, and holds individual Enneagram Conversations with folks interested in discovering where they fall in this insightful system. She and her husband, Randy, have raised three sons in San Anselmo, CA.