Opening to

the Source

An Online Retreat with

The Rev. John Michael Hayes, Ph.D., ABPP,


NOVEMBER 20 -  22


Retreat Theme  The poet Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote “the world is charged with the grandeur of God.” The human psyche is the most mysterious and profoundly beautiful dimension of God’s creation. The psyche’s wildly unscripted and unpredictable depths most mirror the indeterminate freedom and creativity of the Divine, expressed in dreams that come unbidden, that disturb our set and settled opinions, overturn our precious self-images, and stretch our very sense of reality, as they point the way to a new future and intimate wisdom.

Indeed the scriptures are replete with stories of God using dreams to wake us up to internal and external realities and dangers, to embolden risky, necessary action, and to intimate loving presence and support.

A tragic loss of modernity is the atrophy of intuitive understanding of our unconscious depths. Without a vital connection to our dreaming self, we are alienated from our own souls and limited to a truncated and shallow experience of reality. The great depth psychologists of the 20th century, Freud, Jung, Lacan, and Bion, each in their differing and decidedly secular idioms, attempted to rectify this loss.

In this retreat we will attempt to listen to the dream, to be with its images. We will attempt to intuit and discern the multiple meanings of the dream, to learn how God might be reaching us and what God might be telling us.

Director's Bio  John Michael Hayes is a priest of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, who has practiced as a psychologist and psychoanalyst in the Baltimore-Washington area for over forty years. He has been involved in graduate and post-graduate training of mental health professionals for most of that time. He also pastors an inner-city church in west Baltimore, teaches spirituality and pastoral care at the Ecumenical Institute, St. Mary’s Seminary and University, and serves as a spiritual director and retreat leader.

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Cost  $175 includes course materials and access to all retreat conferences offered by Fr. John. Limited scholarships available upon request.